Upholstery Cleaning

Your sofa is your 'home' away from home - where you unwind after a long day at work, watch your favorite show on TV or just relax and chitchat with family or friends.

But we also eat, put our feet, drink and lay down stuff on our sofas, causing dirt to accumulate and color to fade. With time, stains appear and stay and we get use to sitting on a dirty sofa.

more then that, the comfortable feel and touch it had is gone and replaced by a more rigid one.

Now imagine sitting on your beloved sofa, but this time it would be clean and soft - and would feel like a real haven for your troubles.

Expert Care for a Renewed Upholstery 

Providing expert upholstery and furniture cleaning services in NYC, we offer to make your sofa beautiful again and refres your entire living spaces.

We match the right method and cleaning products - all 100% organic and green - to your particular sofa according to its brand, type, fabric, age and other factors.

Then we offer you a free cleaning test on a small patch of the sofa, so you see what we can do before you pay a cent.

At the end of the process, after cleaning the sofa, we leave you with a fresh, deodorized, completely cleaned sofa for you unwind - and this time with some style.

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