Ten Tips To Do At Home

Carpet Tips

  • you need to vacuum your carpets at least once a week, and more then that where it meets heavy traffic. That way dirt don't get stuck between the fibers and your carpet extends its life significantly. 
  • To make sure each part of the carpet gets its share of the vacuuming, divide the carpet area into quadrant and finish one before moving to the next. 
  • For a special touch of refreshing odor, add some baking soda to your vacuum bad.

Rug Tips

  • A vacuum may do good work, but it doesn't always catch all of the pet hair left by your beloved pet. After vacuuming, use a brush gently
  • rotate your rugs, so the sun, traffic and other areas where is absorbs extra stress keep changing and taking its share of the burden.  
  • Shake your small area rugs out in the porch or balcony to get rid of further dirt efficiently. 

Upholstery Tips

  • Vacuum before you clean the upholstery so the dirt won't settle between the fibers.
  • Getting rid of coffee stains: use a combination of vinegar, water and some dish detergent on the stains until they disappear. 
  • Before using any other solution on your upholstery, try some baby wipes that surprisingly work on many stains (mostly the simple ones). 

And Another Good One

  • Use your sponge wisely - since sponges are a lovely place for bacteria to grow, each night squeeze and microwave it for approximately 60 seconds. Still. remember to throw it away after awhile. 
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